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If the project has below grade surfaces that form a basement or at grade surfaces that form a slab, the following steps should be taken in the Open Studio Plugin to prepare the model for CBECC-Com:

  1. In OpenStudio using the Inspector tool, under Constructions, create a new CfactorUndergroundWall and/or a new FfactorGroundFloor (there is no need to fill in the Construction details for these because they will need to be entered into CBECC-Com later)
  2. Double click on the model / space that has the below/at grade surfaces
  3. Select one of the below grade or at grade surfaces
  4. In the Inspector tool the OS:Surface dialogue box for the surface you have selected will come up on the right panel
  5. Set the Outside Boundary Condition to Ground, Sun Exposure to NoSun, Wind Exposure to NoWind, and assign the appropriate Cfactor or Ffactor construction that you just created to the the surface's Construction Name
  6. Repeat steps 3-6 for the remaining below / at grade surfaces.