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2015-05-04 08:28:43 -0600 commented question Insulation has no effect on heating and cooling loads

The link will take you to the my google drive folder which has the energy analysis runs I made for the different HVAC systems. I hope someone will be able to answer my question. It has me quite confused. Also I ran a similar analysis with Autodesk Revit just to double check and it gives the same results. There is no change in heating and cooling loads due to change in insulation !!


2015-05-02 13:13:50 -0600 asked a question Insulation has no effect on heating and cooling loads

I carried out an energy analysis on Openstudios (model was made in Sketchup) of a 5 storey open-plan office and I changed the insulation properties of the roof and the exterior walls and ran energy analysis with the same HVAC system (Packaged Rooftop Heat Pump). I expected that I would get different heating and cooling loads because of the different insulation properties. I found that there was no change in the energy analysis. Can someone please tell me what I did wrong ? I followed everything in the tutorials found on the NREL channel on youtube.

2015-05-01 12:57:54 -0600 asked a question Can someone suggest an HVAC system for my building ?(details inside)

Hello Everyone, I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to help me. I am doing my final Design Project which is a 5 storey commercial building in the North-West UK (ASHRAE Climate Zone 5A) with the first floor being a library and the rest open-plan offices. I am doing an Lifecycle cost Analysis following the methods set on an academic paper. In the paper, they change the insulation and glazing properties to get different heating and cooling loads. Then because Energyplus "autosizes" the HVAC they got different sized HVAC systems (trying to understand what that means, any help provided would be appreciated) for the different insulation types. So I am stuck trying to figure out what sort of HVAC system to use here. They used a "Example File Generator" to get their HVAC but I cannot do that since I have a building already defined. I am trying to do the same thing with Openstudios+Sketchup. I would really appreciate it if someone could please suggest an HVAC system suitable for my building and location. Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards, RMAK

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2015-04-29 16:28:26 -0600 asked a question Is it possible for Openstudios to suggest/autosize HVAC systems based on heating and cooling loads ?

Hello Everyone, I am doing my Design Project now and am carrying out an Lifecycle Cost Analysis. I was reading this research paper by Joshua Kneifel who was able to "...autosize the HVAC system to determine the smallest system that will meet the ventilation load requirements." It should be mentioned that he used EnergyPlus 3.0 to do this. I was wondering if the same could be done with Openstudios. I thought that I would change the building insulation and windows to get different heating and cooling load and then use the Openstudio software to "suggest" or "autosize" an HVAC system for me. It should be noted I have no idea about HVAC systems. Thank you in advance.


2014-11-27 17:44:54 -0600 asked a question How do I fix the invalid boundary conditions object error ?

Hello, I tried to run a simple model on open studio and it failed to run. It said that a few of the surfaces had an invalid "outside boundary condition object" . I tried to use the search surfaces tool to find he surfaces and then change them manually but the problem is when I do that a chunk of the model shows up and not just the surface I want. I dont think it'll be possible for me to do that many surfaces manually like that. Can someone please help me with this ? It's driving me crazy !

Kind Regards, RMAK

2014-11-20 16:18:49 -0600 asked a question RE: simulation fatal error- Errors occurred on processing IDF file.

I was running the model and it failed to run. I was hoping someone could help me with the problem. I will upload the attachment here. Thank you in advance.

Link to File

2014-11-20 15:29:51 -0600 commented answer simulation error

Hello Neal, Yes I looked through the file but as I am still new to this simulation thing I have no idea what it means. Would it be ok if I uploaded it here ? Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards, RMAK

2014-11-20 14:26:38 -0600 asked a question simulation error

Hello, I just tried to run my model but it shows this error. I looked through the site and on Google but am unable to find anything helpful. Please help I must run the simulation today and present my results tomorrow.

 Missing Energy+.ini

 EnergyPlus Starting

 EnergyPlus-Windows-64, YMD=2014.11.20 20:23

 Processing Data Dictionary

 Processing Input File

 **FATAL:IP: Errors occurred on processing IDF file. Preceding condition(s) cause termination.

 EnergyPlus Run Time=00hr 00min  1.15sec

This is what they are showing. If needed I can put in a screenshot if it helps.

Kind Regards, Rafid Khan

2014-11-20 13:59:30 -0600 asked a question gas based radiant heating

Hello, I was doing the HVAC system and I am a bit stuck. The model I'm doing has a gas based radiant heating system where there are pipes under the floors which has heated water running through them. The water is heated by a gas boiler probably (we're not sure if we want to use gas or electricity). Is there any way I can model this in Open studios ? I tried to do it but I got totally confused.

Kind Regards, Rafid Khan

2014-11-18 15:56:24 -0600 asked a question How to create a curved roof in Open studio ?

Hello, Sorry to ask such a basic (read stupid) question but is it possible to create an open studio model with a curved roof ? Most of he tutorials have flat roofs. I have an ETFE roof which curves. Also how do you use the "create a new space" button ? Thank you in advance

Kind Regards, Rafid Khan

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2014-11-18 10:36:56 -0600 answered a question RE: LED lighting

Thank you everyone. I love this forum :D


Sorry but I came across another problem. An LED light uses less Watt than the usual fluorescent lights so for example if I put the power consumption for a LED panel to be 45W then how would open studio know that, that is sufficient lighting ? I mean Open studio wont know that LED lights has a higher light efficacy. Would this be a problem in the model ?

Kind Regards, RMAK

2014-11-18 08:24:36 -0600 asked a question RE: rainwater harvesting

Hello, Is it possible to model rainwater harvesting in Open Studio ?

Kind Regards, RMAK

2014-11-18 08:20:29 -0600 asked a question RE: LED lighting

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to model LED lighting in Openstudio ? If so how would I do it ?

Kind Regards, RMAK

2014-11-12 13:41:20 -0600 asked a question Radiance outputs ?

Hello everyone, Ok so I was able to run Open studio with radiance and have finished the simulation (yay !). I was looking through the illuminance map on the results viewer but the output is not that clear. I was wondering if there was some way I could get my output to be similar to the one provided by Autodesk Ecotect ? They show the geometry with the associated lux levels of the sunlight falling on the surface. Is there any way I can do this ? Please help. I have a presentation on Friday regarding this and so I would like something visually appealing. :(

Kind Regards, Rafid Khan

2014-11-11 18:51:31 -0600 asked a question How do illuminance map work for different rooms under same thermal zone ?

Hi guys, I have started to work on Open Studios with Radiance. The building I am modelling is the Queens Building in the University if Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom. I cannot upload a picture so maybe if you type in Queens Building on Google map you might understand the scale of the project. I was in the process of placing the illuminance maps on the first floor when it hit me that it may not be possible to put the different illuminance map under the same thermal zone.

So for example if I have 6 mechanical rooms, all of them under thermal zone 1, would it be possible to have different illuminance map for each mechanical room ? It should be noted that the rooms are located all around the building. Same thing for the glare sensor and the daylighting controls. Is it possible to have different illuminance maps for different rooms where the rooms are all in the same thermal zone.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to be pretty descriptive so that there are no misunderstandings.

Kind regards, Rafid Khan

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2014-11-11 12:17:54 -0600 asked a question How to use Radiance with Open Studios ?

Hello, My name is Rafid and I’m new to using Radiance with Open Studios. I have a project that is due soon where I would like to use my Radiance to run the day lighting simulation in Open Studios.

I found a previous thread where a user wanted to learn how to use Radiance with Open Studios. I have seen a few youtube link from the NREL channel but I would like it if there was something more structured ? Like they have for general Open Studio modelling.

I am also a total newbie when it comes to using radiance so any info you can throw my way will be much appreciated. I just downloaded Radiance 4.2 for windows but am not sure how to use it in Open studios. Please help.

Kind Regards, Rafid Khan