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2017-06-19 07:31:41 -0600 asked a question Heat balance on wall inside surface

Heat balance on wall inside surface Hello. I studid heat balance in energyplus. I want to know heat balance between wal

2017-04-11 02:30:57 -0600 asked a question Windows conduction heat transfer rate in E+

I wonder if Energy Plus can get the value of the conduction flux of a window.

I already tried to use Surface inside face conduction heat transfer rate but I couldn't get any answers.

I checked error, and:

************* Simulation Error Summary *************
** Warning ** The following Report Variables were requested but not generated
**   ~~~   ** because IDF did not contain these elements or misspelled variable name -- check .rdd file
************* Key=F2:CLASS_WALL_5_0_0_0_0_0_WIN, VarName=SURFACE INSIDE FACE CONDUCTION HEAT GAIN RATE, Frequency=Hourly
************* Key=F2:CLASS_WALL_5_0_0_0_0_0_WIN, VarName=SURFACE INSIDE FACE CONDUCTION HEAT LOSS RATE, Frequency=Hourly


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2017-04-06 03:07:20 -0600 asked a question Adiabatic in EnergyPlus and Convective heat gain rate

I am studying the effect of altering the insulation performance(u-value) of walls and windows that are directly exposed to ambient air in buildings with high internal temperatures. I use Energy Plus together with design builders.

So other walls (inner wall, ceiling, floor) except the outer wall are setting adiabatic . Because it is only to see change of outer wall.

And I select the output in E+ Surface average face conduction heat transfer rate.

I think, other walls have to have a value of zero except for the outer wall, but it's not. They all have value. Why?

In addition, when the U-value of the outer wall is enhanced, ( I mean that the wall's u-value 0.5 -> 0.2) Outer wall's "Surface inside face convection heat gain rate" value decreased, and other walls values are increased. Why?

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2017-01-22 08:34:05 -0600 asked a question cooling load calculation in energy plus

In EnergyPlus, how to calculate the cooling load? I think cooling loads consist of wall conduction, infiltration, conv,cond,rad to window, and ventilation, and internal gain(human, light,machine). So I think the sum of these are the cooling load.

And in EnergyPlus, output names are:

ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT#Block1:CLASS#GeneralLights:InteriorLights:Electricity [J](Hourly)
BLOCK1:CLASS:Zone People Sensible Heating Rate [W](Hourly)
BLOCK1:CLASS_PARTITION_2_0_0:Surface Inside Face Conduction Heat Transfer Rate [W](Hourly)

is it right the lists of "load" ?

I feel confusing that mean of "energy" and "load". I don't know that what is the output name about "load" in Energy Plus.

Please let me know.