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2019-10-15 12:36:59 -0500 commented answer How to use Command line

If you are interested in using a batch file instead of the normal EnergyPlus command line, the batch file intended to be

2019-10-02 13:49:37 -0500 answered a question Error found while opening .IDF editor. "Too many fields for object:FenestrationSurface: Detailed Line Number 838 ".

To solve the too many fields error in EnergyPlus take a look at the answers to this question.

2019-09-16 07:08:58 -0500 commented question Running a batch of DOE Reference buildings + enabling IDF editor

Script or just copy and paste a bunch.

2019-09-16 07:04:59 -0500 commented answer energyplus delete whole class

The IDF Editor that came with EnergyPlus 8.4 did not have the feature of being able to delete a group of objects. If you

2019-09-12 10:11:04 -0500 commented question using geometry alternatives to same model accordingly

Could you make your title clearer and describe your question in more detail?

2019-09-12 10:05:59 -0500 answered a question energyplus delete whole class

In IDF Editor, select multiple columns by clicking on the first column and then holding the shift key down and click on

2019-09-12 10:04:27 -0500 commented question energyplus delete whole class

To edit a file in IDF Editor from EP-Launch press the "Edit IDF Editor" button on the right below the file name.

2019-09-11 08:11:51 -0500 commented question energyplus delete whole class

Is this while using IDF Editor?

2019-09-10 07:48:08 -0500 commented question Errors for building EnergyPlus from source

Maybe try a newer version of GCC?

2019-09-06 08:05:15 -0500 answered a question i want to Know the #R-Value of sandwich panel

I do not think that you can accurately convert from acoustic properties to thermal properties.

2019-09-06 08:03:31 -0500 answered a question Basic question on results in spreadsheet

They represent the amount of electricity that the building consumes in total and for heating and cooling. These already

2019-09-06 07:57:13 -0500 commented question slab preprocessor on grade or in grade?

Have you looked into using Kiva objects instead?

2019-09-03 07:26:27 -0500 answered a question MSINET.OCX problem?

It sounds like you are trying to use EP-Launch which comes with EnergyPlus. Sometimes the library files like MSINET.OCX

2019-07-16 10:49:37 -0500 commented question In what cases real empirical experiments can be replaced by computer simulations?

Given your description, I would say the answer is "when not feasible". It is just not feasible to construct and instrume

2019-07-12 06:48:12 -0500 answered a question EnergyPlus Water-to-Water Heat Pump Parameter / Coefficient Generator

They are on the EnergyPlus helpdesk here. If that link doesn't work, go to the knowledgebase. Click on "Downloads", then

2019-07-09 07:20:44 -0500 commented question Cool Tools Type Mismatch Error

You might want to use the VBA debugger and see the values of the variables at that point and at previous points that set

2019-07-09 07:17:32 -0500 commented question How to add a "new output" in E+ (idf editor)

Have you run a simulation on your file yet? If not run a simulation and see if the output variable appears in the your c

2019-07-09 07:16:16 -0500 answered a question How can I divide a fenestration surface into smaller parts?

In EnergyPlus you would create two or more objects (such as Fenestration:Detailed) that each portion has vertex coordina

2019-07-09 06:56:14 -0500 answered a question Any way to control PTAC by AvailabilityManager:HybridVentilation?

The HVACTemplate objects are simplified versions of the detailed objects in EnergyPlus and that while that makes them ea

2019-07-09 06:51:30 -0500 answered a question Absorption Chiller COP EnergyPlus

I have never used those models but I believe that the performance curves themselves are where you put the COP. In the Ch

2019-07-09 06:37:17 -0500 commented question Any way to open idf file without getting Out of memory error?

Please send me a link to your file and I will see if I can figure out the problem in the debugger. jglazer at gard dot

2019-07-03 07:30:55 -0500 answered a question Has anyone created models for adiabatic pre-cooling systems?

If you are using EnergyPlus, there are a number of models that may be used for evaporative pre-cooling.

2019-07-03 07:25:46 -0500 answered a question Modeling boiler fan in EnergyPlus

Yes, a draft fan would be appropriate to model using the "Parasitic Electric Load" field in the Boiler:HotWater object.

2019-06-20 10:58:11 -0500 commented answer Slab-on-grade Floor 90.1 baseline model

For this particular topic "most accurate" is difficult to determine. I think I would probably use the Kiva approach whic

2019-06-20 10:39:16 -0500 commented answer Slab-on-grade Floor 90.1 baseline model

There are multiple ways to get things done. If you are including added insulation in your proposed model compared to the

2019-06-20 09:18:44 -0500 answered a question which program is used to make these drawings?

I would think any vector graphics software program would be capable of creating these drawings. For a comparison of them

2019-06-20 09:15:53 -0500 answered a question Electric equipment inputs

You might want to look through the responses to this question:

2019-06-20 09:12:59 -0500 answered a question How to run large simulation using the self-compiled Energyplus.exe

As far as the command line usage of EnergyPlus, you can provide files names for the simulation using the command line op

2019-06-20 08:47:05 -0500 answered a question ASHRAE90.1-2016, appendix-G, window U-value

The best approach is to describe the window in detail with built-up layers of materials and a frame so that they match t

2019-06-20 08:36:17 -0500 answered a question Slab-on-grade Floor 90.1 baseline model

Seems like the simplest approach is to use the Construction:FfactorGroundFloor object. It is described in general here.

2019-06-17 08:54:48 -0500 answered a question How to get Total Source Energy from HTML as Output:Meter or Variable?

If you include an EnvironmentalImpactFactors object as well as appropriate FuelFactors objects several new output variab

2019-06-17 08:30:40 -0500 commented question Can't open IDF editor

You might want to try installing an older version of EnergyPlus and keep it installed. Sometimes the installer doesn't r

2019-06-07 08:40:20 -0500 answered a question How to measure heating degree day (HDD) and cooling degree day (CDD) for a building

Normally HDD and CDD are associated with a specific climate rather than to a particular building. ASHRAE 90.1 defines th

2019-06-04 10:44:03 -0500 commented answer How define exterior pavement?

I think with custom blocks.

2019-05-31 12:19:19 -0500 commented question Can't open IDF editor

Is this the first version of energyplus on your computer?

2019-05-28 07:46:44 -0500 answered a question How define exterior pavement?

If you are using the Kiva model, you can try using the fields in Foundation:Kiva:Settings such as Ground Solar Absorptiv

2019-05-24 11:15:49 -0500 edited question Any suggestion why the load results are not reasonable!!!

Any suggestion why the load results is not resealable!!! Hi every one, I have modeled a building in open studio with id

2019-05-22 07:26:38 -0500 commented question Is it possible to change the output variables results order in CSV?

I agree with @shorowit. Maybe this question should be closed as a duplicate.

2019-05-21 07:04:43 -0500 answered a question EP-Launch - Slab Open_Slab.GTP

You might want to look at the example file 5ZoneAirCooledWithSlab.idf which integrates Slab as part of the preprocessors

2019-05-20 07:33:23 -0500 commented question How to use HVACTemplate:Plant:Chiller:ObjectReference?

I think that should work. Could you send me the file you are having a problem with? jglazer at gard dot com

2019-05-20 07:23:59 -0500 commented question I have a small zone with 2 windows EnergyPlus. I`ve added 2 reference points to calculate daylighting. When I simulate I am getting errors for missing required property `daylighting_reference_point_name` for control_data 2, 3 to 9. How do I solve this?

can you send me your file? jglazer at gard dot com

2019-05-20 07:09:41 -0500 answered a question extract the illuminance map with DElight as the daylighting method

Unfortunately, the Output:IlluminanceMap is available only when SplitFlux daylighting method is selected in Daylighting:

2019-05-15 07:15:27 -0500 commented answer Does DaylightingDevice:Shelf causing unenclosed zone output inaccurate results?

@mldichter I'm not sure. I presume it should work but I've have implemented some measures with inner light shelves and d

2019-04-22 13:32:21 -0500 commented answer Energy Plus EPPY Scripting - Design Day Problem

The solution @santoshphilip gave is great. That is probably the best way to go.

2019-04-22 12:29:40 -0500 answered a question Energy Plus EPPY Scripting - Design Day Problem

I think the eppy solution would be a script that populates the SizingPeriod:DesignDay objects based on the data from the

2019-04-03 08:25:42 -0500 commented question Using meter:custom to aggregate output variable data

Are those variables shown as available in the RDD or MDD file?

2019-04-03 07:55:34 -0500 commented answer IDFVersionUpdater using commandline

Make sure the LST file contains the full path and file name with the extension for each file that needs updating.

2019-04-03 07:46:37 -0500 edited question EMS Sensor Output Variable invalid name

EMS Sensor Output Variable invalid name I am trying to model a switchable glazing that is responsive to external environ

2019-03-27 11:02:39 -0500 edited question How to add layer using command line measures?

How to add layer using command line measures? Hello, I want to add a material layer to an existing construction using th

2019-03-18 07:15:15 -0500 answered a question How does EnergyPlus decide the orientation of the building based on the coordinates

The input that you provide to EnergyPlus fully describes the position and orientation of each surface. The coordinates o