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2016-08-09 07:18:54 -0600 asked a question Thermal Chimney as heating

Hey guys, I have a thermal chimney connected to a zone in E+. At the moment it seems it only increases the airflow through the zone. It is possible to use it as a heating device as well? And how do I configure it to do so?

2016-08-05 04:44:48 -0600 asked a question Connecting swimming pool to plant

Hey guys, I'm trying to model a swimming pool inside my building in E+, but I have never worked with water equipment and plant loops before, so I am looking for some basic know-how and guidelines (Maybe even a tutorial if anyone knows where to find that).

So i created my swimming pool object. Next step would be to create a HVACTemplate:Plant:MixedWaterLoop and a HVACTemplate:Plant:Boiler? How do I connect my pool to the loop? Through branches? Do I need to make a thermostat object to control the water temperature? It seems like that is included in the pool object.

Any help would be appreciated.

2016-08-03 11:17:21 -0600 commented answer Water and vegetation features with EnergyPlus

Mainly their evapotranspiration to see what affect trees and grass have on air temperatures and comfort.

2016-08-03 09:18:14 -0600 commented answer Water and vegetation features with EnergyPlus

Thanks! Yeah the swimming pool should do the trick. But i'm still struggling with the vegetation. Can I model it as a green roof material?

2016-08-03 07:45:16 -0600 asked a question Water and vegetation features with EnergyPlus

Hey guys,

I'm trying to model a big glass box with buildings inside like this one: image description

I would like to investigate the thermal comfort in the "3rd space". My idea is to introduce water and vegetation features to control the temperatures. Can I model their evapotranspirational abilities with EP?

2016-03-03 07:03:08 -0600 received badge  Supporter (source)
2016-03-03 07:02:15 -0600 commented answer Is it possible to feed surface temperatures to EnergyPlus?

Thanks for the help. I have some follow up questions though. How do I create this OtherSideCoefficients Object? At the moment I can only create another surface and reference it, but I don't know how to create the temperatures for it?

Let's say I make the temperature a schedule. Can I edit the scheduled value for the next time step of the simulation, while it is running?

2016-03-02 08:55:18 -0600 received badge  Student (source)
2016-03-02 08:50:54 -0600 asked a question Is it possible to feed surface temperatures to EnergyPlus?

Hey guys,

Is it possible to feed surface temperatures to EnergyPlus?

I am curious, because I have a wall I'm trying to simulate in Delphin and I need the room temperature as an input to calculate the surface temperature, and my surface temperature are influencing the room temperature. Is it possible to make such a link? So I what to calculate the surface temperature in Delphin, give it to EP, calculate the room temperature and then give that to Delphin and so on.

I hope you get what I'm trying to do, or otherwise feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance