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CBECC-Com envelope and lighting compliance

asked 2014-11-04 19:05:23 -0500

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If I am doing envelope only or envelope and lighting only compliance in CBECC-Com do I need to specify the HVAC system?

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answered 2014-11-05 11:46:56 -0500

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When doing either of these, you need to specify the building geometry and the building spaces. All spaces need to be assigned a space function. If doing envelope and lighting compliance (NewEnvelopeAndLighting selected for the Compliance Type on the Project input screen) you need to input the details of the proposed lighting design. If doing envelope only compliance (Compliance Type set to NewEnvelope) then the default lighting power density data for the space functions should be left in the model – any user entries will be replaced.

In either case, you do not need to specify any HVAC systems. However, you do need to add Thermal Zones on the Mechanical tab, and assign spaces to thermal zones. Thermal zones are required to allow the rules to assign HVAC equipment for the proposed and baseline models.

When compliance analysis is performed, the proposed model will use the user specified envelope. For envelope only compliance, the proposed and baseline models will use identical interior loads, using the default values assigned to the space functions being used. For envelope and lighting compliance, the baseline will use the default lighting power while the proposed model will include the user supplied lighting system. For both compliance types, the HVAC system type will be the same. The rules used to define and size the baseline system for a complete building analysis will be used for both the baseline and proposed models. Sizing of the proposed may be different due to differences in heating and cooling loads due to differences in the envelope and lighting systems.

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