DOAS Coil For Low Dewpoint

asked 2024-07-03 15:05:50 -0500

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updated 2024-07-08 12:59:48 -0500

I am studying some apartments that have ventilation air from a DOAS system. My model is based on an example file from V9.5 and works fine with a 55F cooling coil discharge temperature. However, I can't adjust the input parameters to generate a 45F dewpoint temperature when the system approaches design dehumidification conditions. I think I need coil performance curves for a better DOAS. I'm not concerned with the DOAS energy performance and only looking at the DOAS setpoints and volume flow effects on the apartment systems. Can anyone share coil performance inputs for something that can work with a SHR less than 0.6? I also get freeze warnings for the DOAS coil which I choose to ignore as the actual discharge air from the cold coil never approaches freezing. Am I correct in assuming this warning is only related to total coil capacity and not operating coil conditions?

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