Electricity:Facility [J] and ElectricityNet:Facility [J] are the same for a building with PVWatts solar system added [closed]

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I am modeling the RefrigeratedWarehouse.idf from EnergyPlus example files with a PVWatts System added.

The PVWatts objects are translated from the ASHRAE 90.1 Std 2022 Warehouse.idf (from the PNNL commercial prototype buildings). The model runs successfully without error but I am having issues with reporting the metered outputs related to PV.

The issue is that in the Meter.csv, Electricity:Facility [J] == ElectricityNet:Facility [J] for all timesteps.

ASHRAE 90.1 Metered Electricity: ElectricityNet ASHRAE 90.1 Warehouse

RefrigeratedWarehouse Metered Electricity: ElectricityNet RefrigeratedWarehouse with PVWatts

This occurs for both the ASHRAE 90.1 Warehouse idf and the RefrigeratedWarehouse.idf with PVWatts objects added.

I'm wondering if this is a bug in E+ or an issue with the reporting objects in my idf. If it were a problem with the PVWatts objects, an appropriate error message should have been thrown, so I think an E+ bug or issue with reporting objects is more likely.

I will try calculating Net Electricity following the procedure outlined in the Engineering Reference for Whole Facility Electric Service. For this, I will need to request the following meter variables and ensure that they vary with the DC system capacity input in the PVWatts objects.

  • meter Photovoltaic:ElectricityProduced
  • meter PowerConversion:ElectricityProduced

If someone lets me know a best practice for uploading idfs to an Unmet Hours post, I will add both the ASHRAE 90.1 idf and the Refrigerated Warehouse.idf.

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