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Dear Community,

I am using de openstudio package in python. I want to modify the object Controller:OutdoorAir object.

I want to put 'True' or 'Yes' for de field : 'High Humidity Control' and put the name of the zone for the field 'Humidistat Control Zone Name'.

To do this I do the following instructions :

controller_outdoorair = [CA for CA in openstudio.model.getControllerOutdoorAirs(osm)]

for index in range(len(controller_outdoorair)): controller_outdoorair[index].setHighHumidityControl(True)

It works for the field 'High Humidity Control' but It seems that there is no function for the field 'Humidistat Control Zone Name'. The instruction controller_outdoorair[index].setHumidistatControlZoneName("Zone name") does not work.

I read the documentation here : https://openstudio-sdk-documentation....

It sounds that the function to define the zone name does not exist.

Is it normal ?

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