OpenStudio Input errors for AirLoopHVAC:UnitarySystem:UNITARY - Did not find Air Node

asked 2024-06-24 21:04:17 -0500

updated 2024-06-25 19:39:57 -0500

Hey, I'm new to OpenStudio and was looking for a help for my struggle. My intention with my project is to create a simple AC split HVAC system using empty air loop, single speed DX cooling, set point manager for single cooling zone, and diffuser with no dehumidification control by following this design provided by another user. The control type for the single speed DX cooling is Load and the control variable for set point manager is Temperature with minimum and maximum value added. I've added my thermal zone in the "controlling zone or thermostat location" menu and a schedule for unit availability. When I tried to simulate my building, I got this warning and error message: error message.

Input errors for AirLoopHVAC:UnitarySystem:UNITARY - SINGLE SPEED DX COOLING - CYCLING - ELEC REHEAT 2 * ~~~ * Did not find Air Node (Zone with Thermostat or Thermal Comfort Thermostat). *
~~~ *
specified Controlling Zone or Thermostat Location name = TZ R RAPAT

I tried to look for a solution and I found this thread. But my question is more of what's the error message means and how do I find or add the air node to solve this issue? I can't find the option to define the air node in OS:AirLoopHVAC:UnitarySystem

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