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AllCombinedResults in jEPlus + EA

asked 2024-06-10 04:52:02 -0500

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Good morning.

I am running some simulations on jEPlus + EA and what I need is to have a CSV file colleting all my various outputs in just one file, which would be for example AllCominedResutlts.csv and also Discomfort.csv.

What happens is that I ran 54 simulations and these files that are supposed to sum everything into a single file so I can process data and visualize between all simulations, they only show ONE job. I have observed that while the simulations are running, those files do include multiple simulations, but not all of them.

I have some suspicion that it's related with the SimJobIndex.csv which has the same single simulation. I have not been able to find how this file is made inside jEPlus + EA

image description

In paralel, I have a .rvi file to extract the monthly hours of discomfort for each simulation, and I also want to centralize all data in a similar file as the last case, but in this case I just see "JOB ID"

image description

Any suggestions on how to fix those?

Thank you very much!

I link the .json and IDF file as well as the EPW file:

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1 Answer

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answered 2024-06-13 17:41:23 -0500

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You can use the "Table View" tab and the export functions in jEPlus+EA's GUI to get all the solutions.

In your .rvi file, the second line should read "eplusout.csv". jEPlus only read this file and rename it to "SimResultsADRIA.csv" as you have specified. If you look inside the job folders, the eplusout-comfort.csv should still be there, which contains the monthly output.

jEPlus doesn't know how to aggregate monthly data. You will have to write your own script to collect and process them. You can incorporate the script(s) in jEPlus so that they are run as part of the postprocessing.

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