AirLoopHVACDedicatedOutdoorAirSystem How To?

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I have two standard AirLoopHVAC in my OpenStudioApp-1.7.0, each with a standard AirLoopHVACOutdoorAirSystem, and each with a CoilCoolingWater cooling coil, a CoilHeatingWater heating coil, a FanVariableVolume fan in draw-through position and a SetpointManagerWarmest setpoint manager. As far as I can tell these work OK.

Now I am needing to feed the OA systems for these AirLoopHVAC with a Dedicated Outdoor Air System. So I explored AirLoopHVACDedicatedOutdoorAirSystem and wrote a set of OpenStudio-3.6.0 Python scripts to import it, since OpenStudioApp-1.7.0 does not seem to support it.

The AirLoopHVACDedicatedOutdoorAirSystem does seem to show up correctly in the .OSM file, with both AirLoopHVAC connected, but there is no indication of it in the OpenStudioApp-1.7.0 HVAC editor whatsoever. Is that the expected behavior?

Also, this AirLoopHVACDedicatedOutdoorAirSystem should have a CoilCoolingWater, at minimum, but I cannot find a way to add it. How can this be done? How could the system's PrecoolDesignTemperature and PrecoolDesignHumidityRatio parameters even be controlled with such a coil? (Same question for heating, though one will answer the other).

Lastly, should I even bother with AirLoopHVACDedicatedOutdoorAirSystem, or maybe drop a CoilCoolingWater directly into the AirLoopHVACOutdoorAirSystem for each AirLoopHVAC? Would I need a another setpoint manager right after that coil then? What kind?

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I suppose the AirLoopHVACDedicatedOutdoorAirSystem has its own AirLoopHVACOutdoorAirSystem, separate from those of the AirLoopHVAC, so I suppose cooling and heating coils would be placed there? Still, what about another setpoint manager? Would one need one and if so, would that also be placed in the AirLoopHVACOutdoorAirSystem? Would I aim for something close to room neutral temperature there?

mattkoch's avatar mattkoch  ( 2024-05-23 10:23:04 -0500 )edit