Application of 62.1VRP instead of ZoneSum makes OA flow equal to MA/SA flow?

asked 2024-05-21 20:34:18 -0500

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updated 2024-05-22 08:45:14 -0500

I am working on a LEED project - a standard System 7 per ASHRAE-90.1-2010 - chilled water VAV with HW reheat coils on natural gas boiler. One of the things I need to look into is ASHRAE 62.1. So, I took a working model, where System OA shows up as a reasonable fraction of MA/SA in DVIEW, and in OS:Sizing:System changed System Outdoor Air Method from ZoneSum to Standard62.1VentilationRateProcedure. With this seemingly simple change, OA now shows up identical to MA/SA in DVIEW, obviously a massive increase in EUI. I searched for 62.1 on UnmetHours, but none of the answers seem applicable, though I did notice there may be some doubt as to whether 62.1 works properly in EnergyPlus/OpenStudio? I have air distribution efficiencies of 1 for cooling and 0.8 for heating in the zones. Has anyone been able to make 62.1 work properly?

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