Where did my JS floorplan go [closed]

asked 2024-05-09 15:05:10 -0500

I was working on creating a building in Floorspacejs. I saved the entire file then had to restart the applicaiton and now there is no images or anything on my Floorspace file. I dont understand how this could happen as nothing has changed. I cant attach an image which is super dumb but yeah the last 6 hours are going to be a waste if I can get this figured out

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@DSMEAEP can you upload your model to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. and then share a URL for others to download? That would help others provide better solutions.

Were you working in FloorspaceJS directly, or another tool that uses FloorspaceJS as a plugin (e.g., OpenStudio Application)?

Aaron Boranian's avatar Aaron Boranian  ( 2024-05-10 09:48:26 -0500 )edit

Morning, I solved it - I have sharefile so I pulled a previous version which actually was the correct version I was looking for. Very odd but fixed it

DSMEAEP's avatar DSMEAEP  ( 2024-05-10 09:59:55 -0500 )edit