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Basic low temperature electric radiant heating

asked 2024-05-07 17:16:23 -0500

Hi everyone,

I try to model a basic low temperature electric radiant heating in a single thermal zone in Energyplus (version 22.1). Beside construction elements (materials, constructions, surfaces, thermal zone) are elements specific to low temperature electric radiant heating, i.e : 1. a Floor:Adiabatic object with 8 layers ; 2. a ConstructionProperty:InternalHeatSource object, located between the 6th and the 7th layers of the previous Floor:Adiabatic object ; 3. a ZoneHVAC:LowTemperatureRadiant:Electric object, that is related to the thermal zone and the adiabatic floor.

To my opinion, the model has enough information to perform the simulation, but the following severe error occurs :

Orphaned ZoneHVAC object found. This was object never referenced in the input, and was not used. - Object type: ZoneHVAC:LowTemperatureRadiant:Electric

I've already tried the following tests :

  1. add the low temperature electric radiant heating system in a ZoneHVAC:EquipmentList object ;
  2. and add the previous ZoneHVAC:EquipmentList object in a ZoneHVAC:EquipmentConnections object ;
  3. remove a ZoneVentilation:WindstandStackOpenArea object that was previously in the model ;

but nothing works.

I guess I've forgot to create one or several necessary objects to make the model complete, but which ones ?

Thank you in advance !

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1 Answer

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answered 2024-05-11 06:13:33 -0500

updated 2024-05-12 09:25:25 -0500

Hi everyone,

The minimal set of objects to create in order to model electric low temperature radiant heating is indeed :

  1. a Construction object with 2 or more Material objects as layers
  2. a constructionProperty:InternalHeatSource object located between two layers of the previous Construction object
  3. a Floor (or Wall, or Roof) object composed of the previous Construction object
  4. a ZoneHVAC:LowTemperatureRadiant:Electric object linked to the previous Floor object
  5. a ZoneHVAC:EquipmentList object containing the previous ZoneHVAC:LowTemperatureRadiant:Electric object
  6. a ZoneHVAC:EquipmentConnections object linked to the previous ZoneHVAC:EquipmentList object and to the thermal zone deserved by the ZoneHVAC:LowTemperatureRadiant:Electric object

Note that the first field of the ZoneHVAC:EquipmentConnections object isn't its name, but the thermal zone deserved by the equipment list, which can be misleading.

Best regards,

Julien Jakubowski

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