How to change/set a schedule connected actuator value in Python API?

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HI guys,

I'm currently working on a project to optimize energy efficiency in HVAC systems using EnergyPlus and I've made progress in selecting an appropriate input data file (EMSCurveOverride_PackagedTerminalHeatPump.idf) and I've started exploring the EnergyPlus Python API for manipulation purposes.

However, despite efforts in researching the available manuals and documentation, I've encountered challenges in effectively manipulating actuators and using the Python API to its full potential.

The problem is that the actuator that I have is connected to the Schedule and then in Python API when I call to get the actuator value and set it to some other value it is actually not updated/changed.

I've modified the .idf file a bit, here is a snippet of what I've added

  WestHeatingSetpointCalendar,          !- Name
  HEATING SETPOINTS,           !- Actuated Component Unique Name
  Schedule:Constant,                   !- Actuated Component Type
  Schedule Value;            !- Actuated Component Control Type

  Heating Setpoints,       !- Name
  Temperature,             !- Schedule Type Limits Name

I've also tried to create a sensor (and in one try also another actuator) and then I've written another EMS Program where I set the WestHeatingSetpointCalendar to the value of sensor/second actuator but unfortunately you can not change sensor values and for the second actuator it didn't work.

I've tried also Python Plugin but I encounter the problem when calling get_global_handle function:

FATAL:Plugin global variable problem causes program termination

Any advice or suggestions you could provide would be immensely helpful.


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