PV / Battery Storage Algorithms, Open-source software, Python

asked 2024-04-12 14:51:58 -0500

I'm trying to understand what's out there and available related to PV & battery storage modeling methods. I have hourly / sub-hourly data for the building electricity consumption and PV generation. I'd like to evaluate the impact at the electric meter by adding a battery storage system of various specs and typical control algorithms.

Ideally, the answer would be an open source Python package that can model a couple basic storage loading/unloading algorithms that would be appropriate for a BEM application. Literature that does a good job explaining control strategies that would allow for easy replication in code would also be welcome.

So far, I'm familiar with the following options:

  • REopt by NREL - They have a web tool, an API, and a GitHub repo that is mostly Python. Probably the best and most comprehensive option, but may be overkill for my purposes.
  • California Simulation Engine (CSE) by Wilcox et al - I know the software is modeling 3 different battery storage controls strategies, but it's in C++ and seems tricky to find/extract what I'd need.
  • Battery Simulation by PV-Soft on GitHub - I really like this one as it's specific to the need and easy to follow, although it's pretty simple.

What else should I be looking at? Please weigh in!

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