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I have assigned the AIrLoopHVAC to all 121 zones in building model. but there in the system node temperature for few zones, there is temperature setpoint has been not met for some zones and for specific period (01/04-31/09). What should be the resason behind this specific behavoiur ?

I have tried to compare flow rate for this zone and the zone with temperature setpoint met, but still is unclear the cause behind it,

is this purely because of Supply air Temperature schedule or ? if yes what should be optimal setpoint and for the same period ,there is higher temperature above cooling setpoint amd lower temperature below heating setpoint toofor the period of six months. I have added schedule below have a look...

IDF,Schedule:Compact,Seasonal Reset Supply Air Temp Sch,Temperature,Through: 3/31,For: Alldays,Until: 24:00,18.0,Through: 9/30,For: Alldays,Until: 24:00,12.5,Through: 12/31,For: Alldays,Until: 24:00,18.0

Thanks in advance ... Yagnik

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