EnergyPlus Crashes with Desiccant System

asked 2024-04-10 05:00:02 -0500

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updated 2024-04-10 14:27:13 -0500

I want to model desiccant system, but EnergyPlus crashes. There is not so much information in the err file, and I got stuck. I'm not sure if the crash is due to a bug or my wrong setting. Any advice on how to resolve the crash would be appreciated. AirLoop and part of PlantLoop are as follows. The idf file (V24-1-0) is here.

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So far I have tried the following:

  • I tried with V23-2-0 and V24-1-0. Both crashed.
  • Desiccant system (the red part in the airloop in my sketch) was added to the AirLoop PAU_3-14_Tenant. Before I added the desiccant system, the simulation completed successfully.
  • CHP Hot HWloop was also added for regeneration air heating. I think Generator:MicroCHP is not the cause of the crash. It crached even if I changed the heating coil to Coil:Heating:Electric and removed CHP HWloop.
  • Precooling coil upstream of the desiccant system is not the cause of the crash. I tried removing it, but it still crashed.
  • It crashes during Air System Sizing, so I tried hardsizing everything. I ran simulation for Weather File Run Period only and did not run Sizing Calculation, System Sizing Calculation and Plant Sizing Calculation, but it still crashed.
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