Units in Openstudio Standards

asked 2024-03-14 09:57:47 -0500

I looked at the documentation, but I could not find an answer. Does openstudio-standards use IP or SI?

I was looking at the methods under Standards, for example space_type_apply_internal_loads and they all seem to convert from IP to SI the various properties in space_type_properties. For example:

definition.setWattsperSpaceFloorArea(OpenStudio.convert(elec_equip_per_area.to_f, 'W/ft^2', 'W/m^2').get)


ventilation.setOutdoorAirFlowperFloorArea(OpenStudio.convert(ventilation_per_area.to_f, 'ft^3/min*ft^2', 'm^3/s*m^2').get)

Is that the case? Can I assume that all the data is in IP and I need to convert it?

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I found the units for all the various quantities in the repository on Github.

All the units are in the files called metadata_units_OpenStudio_* in data/standards

MapMortar's avatar MapMortar  ( 2024-03-15 01:56:55 -0500 )edit