Create Doe Prototype Measure, High-Rise Apartment

asked 2024-02-27 16:06:59 -0500

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updated 2024-02-27 16:11:26 -0500

I'm trying to run the Create DOE Prototype measure in OpenStudio for a High-Rise Apartment for the Pre-1980 vintage and it consistently fails. The same vintage with the Mid-Rise Apartment works. Is there no High-Rise Apartment model for the Pre-1980 vintage?

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Can reproduce the failure: "Could not find prototype inputs for DOERefPre1980HighriseApartment ...", linked to OpenStudio-Standards. There's a note here (Line 17) on which prototypes can be generated. There is indeed a DOE Ref model for Midrise - not for Highrise

Denis Bourgeois's avatar Denis Bourgeois  ( 2024-02-28 09:34:20 -0500 )edit