HVAC Thermostat Problem [closed]

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Hi everyone!

I have set an HVAC system in OpenStudio (Packaged Rooftop VAV with PFP Boxes and Reheat) which has both cooling and heating electric equipment. I have also set Space Thermostat Cooling/Heating Setpoints, attached in the same thermal zone. The problem is that in a winter day, when thermal zone reaches heating setpoint temperature (for ex. 20 C degrees) and gets above it, I see that cooling node operates (even though cooling setpoint is at 27 C degrees). On the other side, in a summer day when temperature falls below cooling setpoint (ex 27 C degrees), heating node operates too. I have checked availiability managers, but they have static temperatures which are useless for me. I need also to set a temperature gap for about 1-2 degrees, before HVAC turns on again.

Thank you!

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Duplicate of this post.

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