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Boundary Conditions with above floors

asked 2024-01-25 20:17:30 -0500

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updated 2024-01-27 07:02:12 -0500

Hello, I'm modeling a laboratory at my college using sketchup + openstudio, the laboratory has two floors but above the second floor there are many other rooms that are not part of the project.

The questions are, as I don't have the plans of the rooms above to model should I create a generic empty room above or is there some specific boundary condition that can be included in the program? And if there are rooms without details about them at the sides of the laboratory should i model again a empty room or there is a correct boundary to be used?

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answered 2024-01-27 09:03:48 -0500

The easiest with the SketchUp Plugin and the OpenStudio Application is to not model the extra rooms (above, or on either side of the lab spaces). Instead, override the lab RoofCeilings' (and/or Walls') "Outside Boundary Condition" to "Adiabatic" (instead of eg "Outdoors"). See Field: Outside Boundary Condition here.

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An alternative is "OtherSideCoefficients". It is certainly more detailed and flexible, yet more cumbersome to set up with the Plugin/Application (as I don't believe the SurfacePropertyOtherSideCoefficients class is currently mapped). You would need to do this by hand (or preferably develop a Measure).

When does it make more sense to rely on OtherSideCoefficients? Adiabatic conditions make sense when thermal conditions on either side of a surface are +/- the same. OtherSideCoefficients would be preferred if the surface separates lab spaces from a refrigerated storage space, for instance. Hope this helps.

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