System Node Setpoint Temperature - Refrigeration AirChiller

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Hello everyone!

In RefrigeratedWarehouse.idf example where the aim to model a warehouse with refrigeration equipment. The Refrigeration:AirChiller object is used to model the cooling air system. OutdoorAir:Node object is defined under the Refrigeration:CONDENSER LowTempSystem CondenserNode (Fig.1), this object is used to defines the outdoor air temperature and humidity conditions. This object is then used in Refrigeration:Condenser:AirCooled at Air Inlet Node Name or Zone Name (Fig.2).

Fig.1 image description

Fig.2 image description

Upon examining the outputs, particularly System Node Setpoint Temperature for the Refrigeration:CONDENSER LowTempSystem CondenserNode node has a value equal to -1000°C (Fig.3). Is this normal, cause I was expecting a temperature close the condensing temperature since the nodes defines the outdoor envirement air conditions.

I've encountered a similar issue in my own model, where I'm attempting to replicate a 38m3 cold room.

Any insights into why this might be happening would be greatly appreciated.

Fig.3 image description

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