Model crashes with Refrigeration:WalkIn object coupled to Refrigeration:CompressorRack object when heat transfer location is set to "Zone".

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Hi all,

I am simulating a simple Ideal Loads model to assess walk-in refrigerator performance and compare impacts of indoor vs. outdoor condensing units on HVAC loads.

I have a Refrigeration:WalkIn object used in tandem with a Refrigeration:CompressorRack object. In the compressor rack object, there are inputs for "Heat Transfer Location" -- this can either be "Zone" or "Outdoors". The model runs fine when the compressor rack heat transfer location is set to "Outdoors", however it crashes (with no useful error messages) when the heat transfer location is set to "Zone", even when an appropriate zone is inputted in the compressor rack parameters, and there appear to be no other problematic or missing inputs.

I have consulted example files for troubleshooting. However, the example files for Refrigeration:WalkIn objects use an alternative compressor scheme (instead of Refirgeration:CompressorRack objects, they use the Refrigeration:System, Refrigeration:Compressor, and Refrigeration:Condenser:AirCooled objects in tandem). For a variety of reasons, I need to use the Refrigeration:CompressorRack scheme instead, but I am at a roadblock with this crashing issue.

Using the latest EnergyPlus V23.2. I've stripped the model down to just a single walk-in refrigerator object for troubleshooting. IDF file is accessible here: IDF file

Any insight on how to resolve this crashing issue is much appreciated. Thank you!

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I suggest you file a bug report at I don't see any reported issues on this already.

shorowit's avatar shorowit  ( 2024-01-04 09:02:28 -0500 )edit