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OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin 1.6.0 - IDF Import/Export Version

asked 2024-01-03 08:51:18 -0500

Habitzreuter's avatar

updated 2024-01-03 11:43:10 -0500

Is there a way to import an idf file version 23.1.0 into Sketchup using OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin 1.6.0 ? Or is the plugin limited to version 9.5 and below?

OpenStudio SketchUp Plugin 1.6.0 exports idf files in the 9.5 version of EnergyPlus. And when I try to import a EnergyPlus 23.1.0 idf file into SketchUp the geometry of the model gets corrupted as you can see in the images below:

Idf Version 9.5

Idf 9.5

Idf Version 23.1.0

idf 23.1.0

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@Habitzreuter, I can't replicate your observations. OpenStudio SU Plugin v1.6.0 always exports a v23.1 IDF. e.g.:

  • OSM 1.6.0 > IDF 23.1
  • IDF 23.1 > OSM 1.6.0 > IDF 23.1
  • IDF 22.2 > OSM 1.6.0 > IDF 23.1
Denis Bourgeois's avatar Denis Bourgeois  ( 2024-01-03 12:49:05 -0500 )edit

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answered 2024-01-03 14:49:39 -0500

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It seems that the problem was that I still had OpenStudio Application 1.2.1 linked on the OpenStudio Root Directory. Now that I uninstalled the previous version that I had of OS App and linked the v1.6.0 as the Root Directory I can import and export idf v23.1.

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