how daylighting control reduce kWh consumption

asked 2023-12-13 21:58:52 -0500

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Hello. Everyone,

I am currently planning to control lighting based on daylight levels, and I want to see how it affects energy consumption.

So, I have added daylighting controls and illumination maps using the OpenStudio plugin. However, when I review the results, the lighting energy consumption remains the same as before adding daylighting controls and illumination maps.

I have taken two actions to address this:

In the measures.rb file, there was a suggestion to change 'Zone Lights Electric Power' to 'Zone Lights Electricity Rate.' I tried this method by making the change and running the file, but the lighting energy consumption still remained unchanged. After making the changes, what is the proper sequence for running the simulation? For example, should I simulate in EnergyPlus first, or should I connect through OpenStudio and then simulate again?

Although I added the daylighting controls and illumination maps in OpenStudio, in EnergyPlus, there seems to be no 'daylighting control' object. So, I manually added a daylighting control object in EnergyPlus, but it only resulted in errors, and the simulation did not run successfully.

Can you provide assistance? Additionally, if you know how to view illumination maps over time, please let me know.

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