Add DOAS Object in an idf file import from an OpenStudio model causes crash

asked 2023-12-05 19:24:43 -0500

updated 2023-12-06 09:11:43 -0500

Hi everybody,

I import an .idf file from an OpenStudio model. This file run well on EnergyPlus V23.2.0. On this file there is an AirLoop (DC-GP-NE), but when I tried to add and connect the object AirLoopHVAC:DedicatedOutdoorAirSystem to the AirLoop (DC-GP-NE), the simulation on EnergyPlus Crash. For the object and the connection between feature I took everthing from the exemple file SmallOffice_CentralDOAS.idf on the EnegryPlus Github. This file also run well. I tried to do the debug with the pause feature during the simulation but it does'nt work ie there aren't any message to understand what going on. Here is the link to the file .idf link text PS : the version of my idf file is 23.2.0 but the version of the SmallOffice_CentralDOAS.idf is 24.1. I didn't find any Updaterfile to update to the 24.1 version.

What can I do to understand where the problem is in the model ?

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