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What specific modifications are required in the IDF file when encountering an error after applying the ASHP measure from the Building Component Library in OpenStudio? Learning building energy modeling and I've successfully run 8 building models without issues until implementing the ASHP measure, and now I'm seeking guidance on editing the IDF file to resolve the error. See text below I also have pictures from the IDF file trying to fix.

** Severe  ** Invalid Internal Data Index Key Name =FRONTLOUNGEFLR1 ZN SAC OA SYSTEM CONTROLLER
**   ~~~   ** Entered in EnergyManagementSystem:InternalVariable=FRONTLOUNGEFLR1ZNSACOADESIGNMASS
**   ~~~   ** Internal data unique identifier not found


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not 100 % sure on this without looking a the actual model and i'm not familiar with OS measures, but the EnergyManagementSystem:InternalVariable object (in the idf that OS produced) called "FRONTLOUNGEFLR1ZNSACOADESIGNMASS" is referencing another object called "FRONTLOUNGEFLR1 ZN SAC OA SYSTEM CONTROLLER" that appears not to exist.

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