Title 24 Central Plant Guidance

asked 2023-11-13 15:50:10 -0600

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I am struggling to find guidance on how to account for a central cooling plant serving multiple buildings. We have 5 new construction buildings that will be served with a new central cooling plant.

Is there specific language in the ACM which informs if/how I can take credit for the high efficiency chillers and thermal storage in the central cooling plant design for my individual building’s CBECC model? Or do I have to model my proposed building's cooling system to match the standard design's chiller type and efficiency?

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I tried replying but apparently spam was detected in my post... If it's a NEW plant serving NEW buildings, I'd suggest modeling a prorated version of the full plant in each of your 5 building models. Add a note in the exceptional narrative box. I'd also add a short memo explaining the approach on drawings with T24 reports, or cover letter to the 8.5x11 reports. If it's an existing plant, that's a very different story. The ACM doesn't address this kind of scenario..

Greg Collins's avatar Greg Collins  ( 2023-11-30 19:43:05 -0600 )edit