Buildstockbatch yml Heat Pump upgrade specification

asked 2023-11-13 14:42:56 -0600

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updated 2023-11-14 12:43:53 -0600

I'm using ResStock 3.1.0 to model HVAC electrification in Maine.

Screenshots from the national_upgrades.yml config file for ASHP and MSHP upgrades are below.

central ASHP example NREL MSHP example NREL

Just looking at the option: Parameter|Option lines, it looks like you need to specify HVAC Heating Efficiency, which specifies the type and efficiency of equipment. But you also need to specify HVAC Cooling Efficiency|Heat Pump?

The ResStock development team is addressing "fixing ducts + HVAC inconsistencies," to add options like Ducted Heat Pump and Non-Ducted Heat Pump for the HVAC Cooling Efficiency parameter (among other changes?). This is in the develop branch of ResStock, however.

To model a heat pump upgrade in released version 3.1.0, is it sufficient to specify HVAC Heating Efficiency|XXX and HVAC Cooling Efficiency|Heat Pump?

Or do I need to also specify HVAC Cooling Type|Heat Pump, HVAC Heating Type|Ducted Heat Pump or Non-Ducted Heat Pump, etc.

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