EnergyPlus Ceiling:Interzone should generate automatic adjacent floor but isn't.

asked 2023-10-31 22:31:27 -0600

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updated 2023-11-01 14:29:15 -0600

I'm using the Ceiling:Interzone object in the IDF editor to model the ceiling/floor of a several storey building. When choosing an outside boundary condition I'm choosing the above storey. For example the Basement roof is getting GroundFloor as the outside boundary condition.

This should generate the correct floor for the GroundFloor zone according to the IDF editor notes, but the error log is giving me that the GroundFloor has no floor. Should I use Floor:Interzone as well? Wouldn't that double the floor thickness/materials which would mess up heat transfer modeling? Thank you in advance.

PS. due to a shaft running throughout the building I'm using 3 Ceiling:Interzone objects because the simple inputs of the interzone make it impossible to do the interzone with one object. While I'm sure that my dimensions are correct, I thought it prudent to add this point in case it's the reason why EnergyPlus isn't recognizing a cohesive floor for the GroundFloor.

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