Peak Flow Rate of WaterUse:Equipment

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I/O Reference states that Peak Flow Rate in WaterUse:Equipment is the peak demanded hot water flow rate [m3/s], but I think this is misleading. There are three types of water in the domestic hot water simulation: Cold water, Hot water which comes from the water heater, and Mixed water at the tap. Peak Flow Rate is the flow rate of the Mixed water at the tap, isn't it? Below is a schematic of an ExampleFile for reference. I checked Output:Variable. Peak Flow Rate corresponds to Water Use Connections Total Volume Flow Rate [m3/s] rather than Water Use Connections Hot Water Volume Flow Rate [m3/s]. I/O Reference should be revised o avoid confusion.

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I added this to a GitHub issue.

shorowit's avatar shorowit  ( 2023-10-06 07:47:14 -0500 )edit