Openstudio standards - Whole Buildings

asked 2023-09-12 03:14:26 -0500

updated 2023-09-14 09:37:28 -0500

Looking for advice on how to use openstudio-standards for space types that do not have the Whole building option.

Some building types (Office for example) have an option for whole building when determining the space_type_ratios from the building_type. However, most do not have it.

I am coding a very simplifided model for a hospital and this is one of the buildling types that do have the whole building type unfortunately. I can understand why of course. Hospitals are complicated.

I am considering two potential approaches:

  1. Use a different standard like NECB (I am using ASHRAE 2013 at the moment) as these seems to have the whole building option for hospital.
  2. Use blend_space_types_from_floor_area_ratio and blend_internal_loads from OsLib_ModelSimplification

The latter seems to be the approach in some of the measures

Any recommendation?

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