Fixed supply air temp and humidity ratio with humidifier

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updated 2023-09-03 10:00:04 -0500

Hello, I am deseperately trying to control supply air temperature and humidity ratio without using an EMS program. I am expecting my system to supply air between 19° and 26° all year long, but I am also setting a setpoint to humidify the supply air.

Unfortunately the temperature setpoint managers doesn't seem to be able to take into account the small sensible load from the Humidifier:Steam:Electric. So during cooling season I don't reach my temperature setpoint (+1) and in heating season I overheat my air (+1)

I have set one SM on cooling coil node, one on the supply outlet node, and one SM minimumhumidityratio on the humidfier outlet node. I am also using SM:MixedAir to take into account the fan temperature increase, I tried to do the same with humidifier, but without success.

My branch, is the following (drawthrough configuration):


z-7ik1vgwyt|air_loop,          ! Name

,                              ! Pressure Drop Curve Name
fan:systemmodel,               ! Component 1 Object Type
z-7ik1vgwyt|air_loop|fan_exhaust,    ! Component 1 Name
z-7ik1vgwyt|mechanical_ventilation|return|0,    ! Component 1 Inlet Node Name
z-7ik1vgwyt|mechanical_ventilation|return|1,    ! Component 1 Outlet Node Name
airloophvac:outdoorairsystem,  ! Component 2 Object Type
z-7ik1vgwyt|air_loop,          ! Component 2 Name
z-7ik1vgwyt|mechanical_ventilation|return|1,    ! Component 2 Inlet Node Name
z-7ik1vgwyt|mechanical_ventilation|supply|2,    ! Component 2 Outlet Node Name
coilsystem:cooling:dx,         ! Component 3 Object Type
z-7ik1vgwyt|air_loop|cta|cooling_coil,    ! Component 3 Name
z-7ik1vgwyt|mechanical_ventilation|supply|2,    ! Component 3 Inlet Node Name
z-7ik1vgwyt|mechanical_ventilation|supply|3,    ! Component 3 Outlet Node Name
coil:heating:electric,         ! Component 4 Object Type
z-7ik1vgwyt|air_loop|cta|heating_coil,    ! Component 4 Name
z-7ik1vgwyt|mechanical_ventilation|supply|3,    ! Component 4 Inlet Node Name
z-7ik1vgwyt|mechanical_ventilation|supply|4,    ! Component 4 Outlet Node Name
humidifier:steam:electric,     ! Component 5 Object Type
z-7ik1vgwyt|humidifier,        ! Component 5 Name
z-7ik1vgwyt|mechanical_ventilation|supply|4,    ! Component 5 Inlet Node Name
z-7ik1vgwyt|mechanical_ventilation|supply|5,    ! Component 5 Outlet Node Name
fan:systemmodel,               ! Component 6 Object Type
z-7ik1vgwyt|air_loop|fan_supply,    ! Component 6 Name
z-7ik1vgwyt|mechanical_ventilation|supply|5,    ! Component 6 Inlet Node Name
z-7ik1vgwyt|mechanical_ventilation|supply|6;    ! Component 6 Outlet Node Name

I am working directly on EnergyPlus 22.1.0.

Looking forward for some clues :)

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