Energy Plus(Trace 3D Plus) Ground Source Heat Pump

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Hello, I'm using Trace 3D plus for LEED.

Our project is ground source heatpump(Water Cooled) and AHU and FCU

I'm encounted two Issues about the water cooled system.

AHU + FCU(for external load)

  • I'm modeled single zone VAV Systems and add Fan Coil as zone equipment. However I couldn't modeling water source heat pump.

So, I'm modeled another method to modeling Ground Source Heatpump(Water Cooled).

Water Source Heat Pump

  • I'm modeled VAV WSHP(except AHU). However I couldn't assign heating coil

I've wonder how to match between system and plant


Ground Source Heatpump (operating Cooling/Heating) - It is water coil, operaing coolng/Heating - Ground Loop(condenser) supply water at a constant temperature.


Air Handling Unit - received Chilled water or Hot Water by GSHP in demand coil - Mixing Outdoor air

Fan Coil Unit - received Chilled water or Hot Water by GSHP in demand coil - Responsible for specific loads other than those covered by the Air Handling Unit (such as external loads).

Is there any method for our project? I'm just wonder modeling GSHP to AHU&FCU

Thanks for reading about our project!


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