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This issue occurred when importing DesignBuilder after modifying the EPW file

asked 2023-07-19 08:27:05 -0500

updated 2023-07-19 16:50:20 -0500

This is the error message:

Couldn't find stat file: 
C:\ProgramData\DesignBuilder\Weather Data\CHN_HB_Wuhan.574940_CSWD. stat. 

You can create a perfectly valid hourly weather data set for EnergyPlus without a .stat file, but you will not get access to info on the summer and winter typical and design weeks in DesignBuilder. See Program help for information on creating .stat files from .epw files.


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answered 2023-07-20 03:39:23 -0500

Tokarzewski's avatar

Hi Grainne,

If a stat is not available you should enter the information on the Statistics tab by hand. The stat file is automatically generated by the Hourly weather data translation process.

The Edit/Translate Hourly Weather Data dialog can be accessed from the Tools menu and can be used to process hourly weather data. You may wish to do this for various reasons:

  1. Convert EnergyPlus epw data to be compatible with DesignBuilder day of week results for daily, hourly and sub-hourly output (set the year to 2002).
  2. Translate weather data in other formats to the epw format so that it can be used in DesignBuilder.
  3. Generating modified weather data sets for investigating climate change scenarios.
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