heat flux PV panels in EnergyPlus

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Dear all,

I'm interested in the sensible/convective heat flux from PV panels mounted on roofs, calculated by EnergyPlus. I know a paper (DOI: 10.1016/j.buildenv.2011.06.012) from 2011, in which the calculation process with EnergyPlus is defined as following: "The flux from the PV panel surfaces is calculated using the DOE-2convection algorithm applied to both sides of the PV panels."

I as well use the DOE-2 convection algorithm for all exterior surfaces in EnergyPlus. However, in the option list of the Script Manager, where I can select all possible output parameters calculated by EnergyPlus, the heat flux for PV arrays is missed, whereaese the one for buildings' envelope elements does exist. I also implemented in the EMS script the "Exterior_Surface_Convection_Heat_Transfer_Coefficient_SOLAR_COLLECTOR", however, neither that coefficient is given as an output parameter after running the simulation.

Therefore my question, does anyone know if and how the sensible/convective heat flux from PV panels can be calculated in the EnergyPlus version v9.4.0.002?

Thank you already in advance!

Regards Laura

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