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How to create .rvi files in EP?

asked 2023-06-28 18:41:26 -0500

Rafael's avatar

updated 2023-06-29 14:40:28 -0500

Hi all! I have read all the questions about .rvi files, but none respond how to create .rvi files in E+. I read the I-O reference and I dont understand how create it. I need it for extract Zone Operative Temperature for using in variables of JEPlus. Thank you in advance!

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answered 2023-06-30 16:17:30 -0500

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Hi, I suppose that you have read these instructions: You can use any text editor to create the file, paste in the following and save it in the jEPlus project folder:

Zone Operative Temperature

Makes sure that you include Zone Operative temperature as a report variable at the desired frequency in the IDF file. And, in jEPlus, select the same frequency for the RVI object. The relevant manual for jEPlus is here:

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Hi Yi! Thanks a lot for your answer. Yes, I yestarday finally did what you said me. But no .csv files was generated with the format to create a ReportVars (and then to create an objetive). If you can explain me how to make the next step with this procedurement I would appreciate. In any case I could make the .csv file to create a objetive with python script, it was easier. Thank you!

Rafael's avatar Rafael  ( 2023-06-30 16:30:04 -0500 )edit

Yes, I think that you may be better off using Python script to process operative temperature, as you are likely needing it after extracting with RVI anyway.

Yi Zhang's avatar Yi Zhang  ( 2023-07-01 04:15:04 -0500 )edit

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