ASHRAE 55 Analytical comfort zone method calculation

asked 2023-06-27 11:24:39 -0500

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updated 2023-06-28 07:29:25 -0500

Hi there,

I am currently carrying out the calculations required for the LEED thermal comfort credit compliance. However it is not clear to me when this should be evaluated, do I need to use the design winter and design summer times and include them in the calculations assuming 0.5 clo for summer and 1 clo for winter? Have you carried out this calculation before? how did you demonstrate compliance of the standard? I have read that the warmest and the coolest hour of every month should be considered, is this correct?

Could you please confirm these assumptions are correct:

  1. I select from the stat the peak cooling and heating hours
  2. I run a simulation for those two moments and collect the MRT and RH resilts.
  3. I assume the design data for airspeed, 0.5 clo for the summer scenario and 1 clo for the winter scenario and the metabolic rate for the activity or activities.

I input these parameters in the CBE thermal comfort tool for each scenario and confirm whether I met or not the requirements.


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