DesignBuilder Detailed HVAC Templates

asked 2023-06-18 16:20:36 -0500

updated 2023-06-19 09:19:34 -0500

I am running HVAC detailed simulation using #DesignBuilder and I wanted to compare end uses using two different HVAC system templates. First I used VAV Dual Duct Water-Cooled Chiller and then I replaced the system with Unitary Air-to Air Heat Pump. The total energy consumption in first iteration is two times (~98.9% higher) of the second run which doesn't look like realistic. I wonder if the problem is in the DesignBuilder HVAC templates and I need to modify or customize these templates.

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Yes, in most cases you need to check and modify the defaults of the templates to get correct results...

Yi Zhang's avatar Yi Zhang  ( 2023-06-24 16:52:52 -0500 )edit