Refrigeration System Modelling

asked 2023-06-05 03:07:48 -0500

updated 2023-06-05 10:32:05 -0500

Need to model refrigeration system to estimate the capital and operating expenditure. Looking for some files on top of which I can modify. Specifying the load (100 kg ice per day) is important.

How can I model an adsorption chiller? or say I want to test a new type of refrigerator.

Appreciate the help.

I have to estimate the operating expenditure and capital expenditure for a refrigeration system. As of now I have added the compressor and condenser. I am not familiar with all the inputs required by them. I am open to doing from scratch but it comes with a steep learning curve. Hence, looking for another file on top of which I can modify. Specifying the load (say i want to make 100 kgs of ice everyday) is crucial.

I am new to openstudio. I have simulated some energyplus idf files. but didn't find one matching my needs.

Appreciate the help.

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