Having problem with the materials from BCL

asked 2023-05-29 07:10:20 -0500

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updated 2023-05-29 16:13:29 -0500

Hello, I am currently working on an architectural project on Openstudio. The project runs well on the Openstudio and I don't have any problems. And I want to advance my project by adding components from Bcl. I can download them from Bcl but when I try to investigate them as a material or try to add them on my construction set, I drag them in to the boxes where they should be, and they don't show up. I cannot do anything with them. Materials that don't come from Bcl, work well. Materials that I downloaded from Bcl don't work. Do you have any idea why I'm having this kind of problem?

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Shoot, I didn't see that this question had already been posted - I am having the same problem - see my question here.

IanVG's avatar IanVG  ( 2023-07-31 13:48:11 -0500 )edit