Is there any representative example of a residential project???? [closed]

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Is there any representative example of a residential project created using either the EnergyPlus or OpenStudio platform?

I have come to appreciate the functionality and detailed energy-use simulations that EnergyPlus and OpenStudio provide. However, I am currently facing a challenge in finding comprehensive and realistic residential project examples for these platforms. While I am aware of the generic examples provided within the software, I am seeking a more specific, real-world example to improve my understanding and practice.

If such an example is readily available, I would be grateful if you could guide me on how to access it. If no such example exists in the current resources, might you consider the development of such a template as part of future enhancements? It would be a valuable tool for beginners like myself, as well as other users in the EnergyPlus and OpenStudio communities.

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Duplicate of this post.

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