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E+ API, changing System Node Temperature Setpoint, doesn't change energy meter?

asked 2023-05-23 14:01:05 -0500

LeSUTHU's avatar

Hey, I'm currently using python E+ API for creating a reinforcement learning agent.

The problem is the agent is altering the actuator which I have set as

            "sat_spt": (
            "System Node Setpoint",
            "Temperature Setpoint",
            "zone inlet node_unit1"

and I am keeping track of the electric consumption for HVAC:

        self.meters = {
        # HVAC elec (J)
        "elec": "Electricity:HVAC",

I tried having the Setpoint Temperature to set values like 15 degrees, and 30 degrees for the other simulation, but when I sum up the Electrcity:HVAC value for each simulation with different setpoint temperature value, the energy consumption value come out to be the same.

I'm not sure why this is the case.

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@LeSUTHU have you confirmed that the actual system node temperature of that node ("zone inlet node_unit1") is following the setpoint actuator? If not, you'll need to use a different actuator approach, like what @shorowit suggested.

Aaron Boranian's avatar Aaron Boranian  ( 2023-05-24 09:13:28 -0500 )edit

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answered 2023-05-24 08:46:47 -0500

If all you're trying to do is change the HVAC thermostat setpoint, actuate the schedule value of, say, the ThermostatSetpoint:DualSetpoint's heating and cooling setpoint schedules.

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ZoneControl:Thermostat, Zone Thermostat_unit1, !- Name living_unit1, !- Zone or ZoneList Name zone_control_type, !- Control Type Schedule Name ThermostatSetpoint:DualSetpoint, !- Control 1 Object Type thermostat_living Dual SP Control; !- Control 1 Name

I have these in my idf file. Do you happen to have any python code to actuate these?

LeSUTHU's avatar LeSUTHU  ( 2023-05-24 15:58:50 -0500 )edit

It's not python, but there's an example of actuating a schedule here:

shorowit's avatar shorowit  ( 2023-05-24 16:48:50 -0500 )edit

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