Model a 3 diodes PV panel

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Hi, I'm an engineering student and I'm using Design Builder to make a school comfort simulation; it's my first time using this software. I tried to run the simulation, but it stops for the following error:

** Severe  ** EquivalentOneDiode Photovoltaic model failed to find maximum power point
   **   ~~~   ** Numerical solver failed trying to take exponential of too large a number
   **   ~~~   ** Check input data in PhotovoltaicPerformance:EquivalentOne-Diode
   **   ~~~   ** VV (voltage) = -1173.26334
   **   ~~~   ** II (current) = -18315151218489725896622080.00000
   **  Fatal  ** FUN: EnergyPlus terminates because of numerical problem in EquivalentOne-Diode PV model

I assume that the problem is related to the modeling of the panel. The program gives me the ability to model only one diode panels, but in my project there is a three diode panel. In this link there are panel datasheet:

These are the data I entered.

    Cell type: 1-Crystalline Silicon
    Cells in series: 120
    Active area (m2): 1,8
    Transmittance absorptance product: 0,9
    Semiconductor bandgap (eV): 1,12
    Shunt resistance (ohms): 1000000
    Reference temperature (C): 25
    Reference insolation (W/m2): 1000
    Module heat loss coefficient (W/m2-K): 30
    Total heat capacity (J/m2-K): 50000
    Rated electric power output (W): 360
    1 Availability schedule: On 24/7

        Short circuit current (A): 11,35
        Module current at max power (A): 10,59
      Temperature coefficient of short circuit current (A/K): 0,00545

        Open circuit voltage (V): 40,5
        Module voltage at max power (V): 34
        Temperature coefficient of open circuit voltage (V/9): -0,109

        NOCT ambient temperature (C): 20
        NOCT cell temperature ('C): 46
        NOCT insolation (W/m2): 800
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