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Connect Parallel PIU HW Rht to loop

asked 2015-07-14 21:27:50 -0500

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updated 2015-07-15 06:51:50 -0500

I am trying to model Parallel PIU HW Rht coils to my airloop. However, I cannot see the the HW coils appearing in my plant loop. When I add AirTerminal Single Duct VAV HW Rht objects, there is a ribbon at the top and under the gear/chain-link icon I can select which plant loop the HW coil belongs on. There is no such ribbon or gear icon for the PIU HW Rht coils.

When I run the simulation, I receive an error telling me that my PIU HW Rht units are not connected to a plant loop. How do I do this?

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-07-15 03:24:03 -0500

This issue has been fixed for OS 1.8.0. If you can't update versions, you can use this code in a measure and run via Apply Measure Now to hook up the coils programatically.

model.getAirTerminalSingleDuctParallelPIUReheats.each do |piu|
reheat_coil = piu.reheatCoil
  if reheat_coil.to_CoilHeatingWater.is_initialized
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