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How to resolve error - All spaces must have a floor. Space 'Space 1' does not have one or the floor area is less than the space floor area. All exterior surfaces must also be defined, evaluating run u rule: Set CHECKSIM SpcFlrCheck

asked 2023-05-17 11:30:37 -0500

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updated 2023-05-18 08:37:21 -0500

I have checked all inputs and cannot see how to resolve this.

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@SCE what simulation tool are you using? Please mention it in the title or body of your post, as well as add a tag so that others can provide better help.

Aaron Boranian's avatar Aaron Boranian  ( 2023-05-17 14:01:10 -0500 )edit

Hello - I am using CBECC 2022

SCE's avatar SCE  ( 2023-05-17 16:01:50 -0500 )edit

Did you generate the model from gbXML? If so, what software was used to generate the gbXML? or were the Envelope details input manually?

deltavictorkilo's avatar deltavictorkilo  ( 2023-08-01 09:44:21 -0500 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2023-07-24 10:28:29 -0500

updated 2023-07-24 10:30:12 -0500

We have had similar errors in CBECC 2022 due to a floor being made up of multiple polygons and CBECC being unable to properly merge them all together into a single polyloop. This may not be your exact problem, though I suspect it is.

What happens is a building model is created in an xml format with a floor touching multiple other zones. Those floor polyloops are combined during a one-time translation process when importing the xml file into CBECC, where it attempts to create a single polyloop to then use as the reference for the specific space. In a text file, the polyloop directly after a space (SPC) is declared. When we had this same error, the polyloop had a name but did not have any cartesian points.

Our solution was to find all the polyloops which were suppose to be stitched together, because they do exist as interior floor elements, and manually create a polyloop of the correct points, eliminating duplicates, and aligning them in a clockwise list. This took a little bit of time however, it was not impossible and, it helped to keep the entire model running. I can provide more details and examples if this is your error.

We suspect the error must be due to a problem in the translation script though have run across this error in many building models without a clear understanding of why.

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answered 2023-05-31 11:51:14 -0500

I assume you checked and your zone has all the required surfaces (floor, ceiling, 4 walls minimum)? Does the floor area match the zone square footage?

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