Importing IDF constructions file

asked 2023-05-02 14:29:10 -0500

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Good evening, I'm new to Openstudio and I would like to import an idf file with constructions and materials that are defined in an excel file, I created a little python program that generates the idf file containing the list of constructions and materials as follows:

Material 1,
Material n;

Material 1 name,


I'm currently using the SketchUp plugin and when trying to import the idf file from Extensions > Openstudio > Import > Import EnergyPlus Idf Constructions the various constructions and materials are not imported. Am I missing something? I tried adding the version of EnergyPlus (Version, 22.2;) before the list of constructions and materials in the idf file but the situation doesn't change.

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@itsphilae Have you tried ending the first line with a comma instead of a colon? i.e. Construction, instead of Construction:. Commas are used to separate input fields in EnergyPlus, starting with the first line of text that sets the object type that you're defining.

Aaron Boranian's avatar Aaron Boranian  ( 2023-05-02 14:48:54 -0500 )edit

my bad, it was a typo in the question, I actually used commas, let me edit the question real quickly

itsphilae's avatar itsphilae  ( 2023-05-02 14:51:45 -0500 )edit