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Central Heat Pump System with EMS Manager

asked 2015-07-13 12:00:35 -0500

updated 2017-05-17 12:39:39 -0500

I'm trying to accurately control the dispatch of the CentralHeatPumpSystem in EnergyPlus in a plant with water-to-water heat pumps, chillers and boilers. The system should allow the heat pumps to meet the base heating and cooling load, while the chillers and boilers meet the rest of the load. The goal is to only meet the simultaneous heating and cooling loads with the heat pump system.

I was not able to get the level of control that I want from the PlantEquipmentOperation:CoolingLoad and PlantEquipmentOperation:HeatingLoad, so have been attempting to use the EMS manager. I'm able to successfully use the EMS manager to dispatch the cooling side of the heat pumps using the EnergyManagementSystem:Actuator Distributed Load Rate by passing a negative load. I attempted to pass a positive load to a second actuator on the CentralHeatPumpSystem component to dispatch the heating side, but am showing zero heating being generated by the component.

Is there a syntax for dispatching a piece of equipment with simultaneous heating and cooling via the EMS manager?

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answered 2015-07-13 14:00:01 -0500

It appears that the CentralHeatPumpSystem requires two of each component in the EMS manager. I created an individual cooling and heating Actuator, ProgramCallingManager, Program, and PlantEquipmentManager:UserDefined. Then I specified the PlantEquipmentManager:UserDefined as first priority in the PlantEquipmentOperationSchemes for cooling and heating, respectively. This provides a cooling and heating load on the heat pump system.

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Yes this is a result of how the all such "*:UserDefined" features are implemented for use with EMS. They need to use specific calling points for each one so that the programs can execute at the right time. The more general type of calling points used for regular EMS would not work well.

Archmage's avatar Archmage  ( 2015-07-14 16:00:46 -0500 )edit

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